Answers Bible Curriculum is a full-featured, chronological, 3-year Sunday School program. It’s 156 lessons are synchronized across different age groups from pre-school to sixth grade. Each group covers Genesis through Revelation and teaches the same material – but at differing age levels – allowing for exciting and easy discussion for the whole family. No other Sunday School program so thoroughly equips believers to defend the truth of the Bible!

Children are dismissed from the adult service following worship. We offer Sunday School in the following class breakdowns:

  • Pre-Kindergarten – Kindergarten
  • First – Third Grade
  • Fourth – Sixth Grade

“Imagine what would happen if churches began raising up generations of people who know how to defend the Christian fiath and stand solidly on the Word of God. They could answer the skeptical questions of this age and present the gospel in a powerful way. Wow! It would change the world.” Ken Ham, CEO Answers in Genesis