Hello from Africa!

Hello from Africa. I am excited to be in Tanzania teaching at Kilimanjaro Christian College again. In the past year the Lord has opened the door for me to come three times to teach and it has been an amazing opportunity.  I want to thank my church family for praying for me while I’m here serving at the college.

Today I want to give you an update on our first year of the Momentum Project at GFC. We have been blessed to have our Sanctuary completely flipped around and redone. We have been in it now for 11 months and we have been so pleased with all of the much needed updates. So, now we turn to Phase 2 of of our Momentum Project. We have begun the process of moving the existing bathrooms out of our entryway and are installing a lobby that will be close to 1000 square feet.  This will greatly increase the ability to fellowship and have a welcoming feel to our facility. Walls have been torn down, the floor has been hammered away, and new walls are being constructed. The past 7-8 days have been very productive. I look forward to sharing this new space with old and new friends that come to GFC. 

The leadership and I will be sharing in the next few weeks how we all can be apart of this amazing season at GFC.  God is truly blessing us and we want to make sure everyone knows how they can participate. God bless!